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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Exploring the Medicinal Uses of Mushrooms

When we think of mushrooms, for many people it brings to mind delicious salads loaded with tomatoes, onions, avocado and whatever other dreamy fruits and vegetables your heart desires.

Mushrooms are neither fruits nor vegetables though. In fact, they’re probably the only thing on your plate that’s technically not even from a plant. Mushrooms are a fungus. But like many garden vegetables, though, our delicious little toadstools (another name for “mushrooms”) can be safely gardened and cultivated in controlled conditions, they’re highly water latent (about 90%) and fairly nutritious (high in Vitamin B and various minerals, extremely low in fat and high in fiber).

Did you know that just one Portabella mushroom can provide you with more potassium than a banana? One banana (100g) = 358 mg of potassium. One Portabella mushroom (100g) = 364 mg. Put it on a grill and roast it and it increases to 437m!

Mushrooms & Modern Medicine

China is the number #1 producer of mushrooms in the world, putting out more than 6 times[1] the annual quantity of mushrooms than the #2 nearest producers in Italy. China has also used mushrooms for thousands of years to help cure a number of illnesses.

For much of its modern existence, Western medicine has put aside the idea of using natural cures in trade for more synthetic ones, but gradually we’ve come around to understanding some of the seemingly innumerable medicinal purposes this spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus can bring.

The List of “Anti” Benefits of Mushrooms

Shortly, we’ll go into each one of these briefly as I provide just a fraction of all the latest evidence that supports the use and benefits of mushrooms. Here’s the quick list on all the “anti” benefits mushrooms are finding to provide.

Mushrooms are:

      Antiviral agents

They’ve also been found to help lower blood pressure, help maintain blood sugar, lower cholesterol, amplify the immune system and lower stress. Ironically, mushrooms (being a fungus) are even antifungal[2] and multiple effective varieties are even used today in products such as PhytAtge Labs UFD to fight fungus problems within the body (see Urgent Fungus Destroyer).

Simply put, the mushroom can probably just be called, amazing.

Mushrooms as an Antioxidant

ORAC is a classical molecular dynamics computer program for simulating complex molecular systems at the atomistic level. It’s the most widely used for testing antioxidant capacity against the peroxyl radical. N. Joy Dubost of Penn State used the the ORAC assay and found that “portabella mushrooms had an ORAC value of 9.7 micromoles of trolox equivalents per gram and criminis had an ORAC value of 9.5. Data available from other researchers shows that carrots and green beans have an ORAC value of 5; red pepper 10; and broccoli 12.

Mushrooms as an Anticancer

There’s a plethora of useful bioactive compounds contained in mushrooms and six in particular[3] were found to exhibit anti-cancer and immunostimulatory compounds. The well known (and very delicious) Shiitake mushroom was one of them.

Shiitake mushrooms have been found to contain a molecule called AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) which has immune-enhancing functions and is widely used as an alternative and complementary treatment[4] of cancer in Japan. Lentinan was also found in Shiitake, it’s commonly used as an intravenous anticancer drug with antitumor properties.

Mushrooms as an Antigingivitis

Gingivitis is a preventable disease characterized by red, swollen, tender gums that may bleed when you brush your teeth. Although that may not pose much of an issue for you, it can lead to periodontitis, a much more serious issue that includes associated bone loss.

Again, another study was conducted in which Shiitake mushroom extract was used and compared to that of the active component in the leading gingivitis mouthwash, containing chlorhexidine. The study found that “shiitake mushroom extract lowered the numbers of some pathogenic taxa without affecting the taxa associated with health, unlike chlorhexidine which has a limited effect on all taxa.[5]

Mushrooms as an Antiviral Agent

We use antiviral compounds to help treat viral infections and both whole mushrooms and their extracts have been found to have antiviral effects, according to the “Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine[6].”

The mushroom group known as polypores has been shown to have the most benefit for such antiviral properties and has even been identified as being able to inhibit the activity “herpes simplex I and II viruses, varicella zoster virus, influenza-A virus and the respiratory syncytial virus is Rozites caperata.[7]

Mushrooms as an Antifungal

Many recent studies have been conducted on the anti-microbial / anti-fungal efficacy of mushrooms. Just one of many studies found that “Shiitake mushroom extract had extensive antimicrobial activity against 85% of the organisms it was tested on, including 50% of the yeast and mould species in the trial[8].”

Another report found that the 5 varieties of mushrooms they used in their study (A polytricha, C., occidentalis, D. elegans, D. concentrica and T. lobayernsis) “all exhibited various degrees of antagonistic effects against the tested microorganisms[9].”

The Effectiveness of Mushrooms
Really Can’t Be Denied

The fact that certain cultural groups have used mushrooms for thousands of years in conjunction with the latest in Western research confirms the efficacy of mushrooms. Whether you eat them whole or consume them through nutritional dietary supplements that use them to affect overall health by reducing and even eliminating various fungus issues we commonly face, the benefits are endless and simply can't be denied.

Add mushrooms to your diet today and start benefitting from them now.

Grab PhytAge Labs’ Urgent Fungus Destroyer Anti-fungalsupplement (w/ Shitake mushroom, Reishi mushroom and Maitake mushroom) today and get 3 BONUS GIFTS, including a One-Day Detox Cleanser Guide for FREE.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Tips To Maintain Child's Mental Health

Mental health of children is very important as it improves the overall quality of life. Mental Health improves the quality of life among children by making sure that kids are free from depression, anxiety, excessive stress, worry, addictions, and other psychological problems. Kids will be more able to live their lives to the fullest if they are mentally healthy. In the present day, children used to become stressed, worried and depressed due to the high level of academic and personal demands or expectations. It leads them to become mentally ill. Mental health is not just the absence of sickness or frailty but your overall well being.

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What Is Mental Health?

Mental health is all about our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It has an effect on how children think, feel, and act. Mental illnesses are said to be the most common health conditions amid children in many of the countries around the world. A god number of kids used to experience a diagnosable mental illness at some point in their life. If kids experience mental health problems, their way of thinking, mood, and behavior will be influenced a great deal. A lot of factors can cause mental health problems, including Biological aspects, for an example genes, life experiences and family record of mental health troubles.

Mental Health Handling

Mental health problems are common regardless of age and proper dealing is essential to get away from this trouble. People with mental health problems can recover and many get better fully as well but the thing is that people have to get help at the right time. Remember that even the most severe mental health conditions can be treated. Proper handling of mental health issues helps kids to better contribute to their families, communities and for themselves as well. Better handling of mental health issues helps kids to cope with the normal stresses of life, study well, and work productively and prolifically.

Mental Health Problem Solutions

Mental health problems can be solved effectively by means of promoting awareness about mental health issues, informing public policy, attaining equity for mental health care similar to other health care, and lessening stigma, discrimination and abuse against those with mental poor health. Extreme anxiety and stress in children can lead them to physical problems such as heart disease, ulcers, and colitis. Anxiety and stress experienced by kids can lessen the strength of the immune system, making them weaker to conditions ranging from the cold to cancer. It is believed that when people take delivery of proper mental health care, their expenditure of medical services reduces.

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Tips To Maintain Mental Health of Children

·         Exercise & Playing

Exercise and playing can help kids to maintain mental health. Childhood is believed to be a pretty peaceful time of life and kids are expected to be free from the pressures and stresses during their adulthood. Sadly, this situation have changed in the modern era where more and more kids are turning out be more stressed, depressed and worried due to overload of expectations that parents and teachers have on them. A lot of parents and teachers are not allowing kids to play and do exercise which are very crucial for the enhancement of mental health in children. Exercise and playing lets children to relax and forget about their daily tensions. Exercise and play are channels to mental health. It also inspires the elements that enhance mood and release the stress which forms over a day.

Get Enough Sleep

Many people have a doubt on how sleep can maintain mental health of children. It is a proven fact that sleeping can assist children to stay healthy mentally. Proper sleeping gives kids great relaxation which is necessary for better mental health. Some of the studies have shown that children need to get between 10 and 12 hours’ sleep every day for the reason that it is the one of the important elements of mental health and wellbeing. However, children are going through sleepless nights due to the overload of assignments and covering every day learning tasks. Parents should make sure that their kids are getting proper sleep daily because one of the authoritative tactics to get better kids’ capabilities to manage stressful life is getting enough sleep.

Spend Time for Relaxation

It is very important to kids to get some ample time for relaxation. Remember that children cannot spend the whole day for learning and doing homework. If they do, they will be completely stressed, worried and depressed in their life. They need to spend some quality time away from studies, learning and doing assignments. Hence, parents must ensure that their child engages in a hobby or activity that relaxes them. It lets them to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Most kids require time to relax so that they can relax and use up some time away from their stress and worries.

Get Help from Experts

If children are suffering from serious mental health problems, they should depend on experts who are able to stand by their side to support them. Children are not capable of handling their mental health issues alone and they need help from someone who is specialized in the field. He can help children to come back to the normal life and enjoy their life without any obstructions of mental heal issues.                             
Some kids are not very open with their parents and they many no share their problems with them. When your child has a person they trust to speak to about their mental state, they can let go negative feelings and also learn vital strategies to manage their issues.  Hence, seeking help from experts will help the parents to induce their kids to share what’s worrying their children and it is a great method to get rid of the yoke of worry and diminish anxiousness.

Author Bio

I am Robert L. Dombrowski. I am a writer at bestessay writing services to provide essay writing help for the students. Blogging is my passion, interest for writing from childhood made me join this job after my studies

Monday, 8 June 2015

Tips on Recovering From a Body Lift

Did you recently get a body lift surgery? If you did, chances are you enjoying the new contours, tightened skin and a youthful appearance. Body lift surgeries can do wonders for those who have excess skin or fat (especially around the abdomen and thighs), along with those who experience signs of aging and thus have sagging skin.

This procedure is one of many plastic surgeries performed with high success rates across the world. If you have recently given birth and your skin has loosened to the effect that it makes you look worn off, then Atlanta body lift is a reliable and renowned solution for your worries.

An improved body shape with a youthful figure is what the body lift Atlanta’s surgical procedure essentially targets. Sometimes after significant weight loss you may still not feel in shape, and need to get rid of excess fat and tissues that bunch up against the skin and make the body look shapeless.  Body contouring Atlanta is thus designed to cover all parts of the body that may be looking slack, and tighten up your skin so you could feel better again!

What to expect

Once you have gone through with your body lift surgery, it is essential to know what to expect post-procedure. To completely overcome the aftereffects, you may need to wait a few months before you are back to normal. However, within the first month and a half, you will feel that any swelling and bruising that you experienced right after the surgery will start to wane.

In order to recover smoothly from the surgery, it is important that you follow post-surgery protocol and take long periods of rest. This will ensure that signs of tiredness and fatigue are minimized during the recovery process, as the body takes time to repair itself. At Crispin Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we pay special attention to patients’ recovery and assist them in the weeks following surgery.

Complete recovery will depend entirely on your situation, and on how your body feels. But following a few tips may come in handy:

Your diet will make all the difference

Ensure that you are not only looking after your body from the outside but also from the inside. Your body is fighting to adjust to a new shape and scars/sutures take their time to heal. So, it is highly likely that your body is looking for extra sources of energy. A healthy diet, with high proportion of fruits and vegetables, will keep you from being dehydrated and thus tired. Drink lots of water, and opt for a low-sodium diet as this will prevent swelling and water retention.

Do not sleep in a flat position

After the surgery, try and sleep in a reclined position to guarantee healthy blood circulation to your body. And since this may be difficult to do, a recliner may come in handy for the purpose.  In addition, keeping a wedge pillow under your knees while you sleep will also look after your surgical areas and prevent any kind of discomfort.

Prepare for welled up sites

After the surgery, it is common to experience swelling in the areas that have been operated. To reduce this, cold compresses can be used for about 15 to 20 minutes, and this will rid you of pain and any extra swelling that’s giving you discomfort.

Be wary of exposing stitches

Your incisions and stitches will be highly sensitive in the first few days after surgery and so it will help to talk to your doctor before you take hot showers and exposing your stitches to too much dampness, as this may lead to swelling.

Take some times off

Especially true for those who get a lower body lift, at Atlanta plastic surgery, we advise patients to prepare for a good healing process and give your body enough time to recover. In cases where drains are placed, movement is restricted and sometimes painful, and any amount of physical exertion can slow down your recovery. Drains are usually removed after 2 weeks of surgery (sometimes 4) and likewise, incisions take their time to heal.

Therefore, in order to lessen complications, it is suggested that work be set aside for a few weeks till your body is up and about in its new youthful form!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Caring For Your Skin Type

There are three commonly acknowledged skin types: dry, oily and combination of the two. Depending on your skin type, there may be one skin care regimen that will work better for you. for instance, it wouldn't make sense to treat oily skin with products that might cause skin to become more oily or dry skin with products that might further dry it out.  

What is Your Skin Type? 

Determining your skin care type will help you to implement the best skin care routine. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each type below:  
  1. Dry Skin: Dry skin tends to be flaky, irritated, ashy and often itchy. Severe dry skin is classified as sensitive skin. Often times, dry skin experiences reactions to skin care products that contain allergens and toxins. Especially, if you have eczematous skin.  
  2. Oily Skin: Oily skin involves feeling noticeable oil settling on your face around midday. Unlike dry skin, oily skin is less sensitive to common contact allergies and skin care products. However, oily skin does not mean you are exempt from reactions and you should be mindful of the products you utilize. Especially, on your face.  
  3. Combination Skin: Combination skin, typically means that your T-zone (nose and brow area) are oily, but your cheeks and other facial areas are dry.  

Dry Skin Care Regimen: 

  • Use a gentle cleanser. Mild cleansers are preferred for all skin types. However, they are imperative for dry skin care. Cleanse at night. It is alright to avoid cleansing in the morning.  
  • Avoid excessive exfoliation. If you can manage without any exfoliation, that may be best. 
  • Don't use toners. They tend to dry out your already dry skin. 
  • Remove makeup prior to bed.  
  • Avoid harmful toxins and allergens in skin care products and cosmetics. Some common skin care ingredients that are contact allergens, include: PEGs, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing preservatives, beeswax, fragrances, dyes, oatmeal/gluten and acrylates. 
  • Moisturize at least twice daily. I recommend up to four times per day for more moderate to severe cases. Dry skin lacks moisture. Use products that contain long chain fatty acids, cholesterol esters and ceramides. These will help optimize the skin's barrier and help skin to heal itself.  

Oily Skin Care Regimen: 

  • Use a mild cleanser. Wash once in the morning and again at night. Using your fingertips to rub the cleanser in for 30 seconds prior to rinsing.  
  • Always remove makeup before bed.  
  • Use alcohol free salicylic acid cleansers or wipes on the oily parts of your skin at least twice per week. Three times maximum. 
  • Moisturize. The same type of moisturizing products are applicable for oily skin care. Skin barrier optimization (SBO), should be the primary factor concerning moisturizing products.  

Combination Skin Care Regimen: 

  • Use only mid cleansers. Avoid medicated cleansers of any kind. 
  • Use alcohol free salicylic acid wipes and blot away only the oily spots.  
  • Moisturize at least twice per day, with the moisturizing recommendations outlined for both skin types above.  
If you are unsure of what skin type you have, speak with a dermatologist before adhering to one of these regimens. 

Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting blogs regularly about skin problems, treatment and after care at

Monday, 22 December 2014

The Importance Of Switching Up Your Exercise Routine

Exercise routines should be followed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is true especially for the truckers who spend much of their lives behind the wheel. It is necessary to switch up your exercise routine to stay healthy and also add a bit of variety to your lifestyle.

Life on the Road

Truckers lack ready access to gyms or other exercise facilities. They spend long hours on the go, and the majority leisure time they get is for rest. They cannot make adjustments to their lifestyle easily because every hour they waste on other activities can reflect on their payments. This leads to many being faced with living an unhealthy way with minimal chance to have any exercise at all.

The inability of truckers to follow exercise routines can lead to various dangerous diseases in the long term. Lethal health issues like stroke and heart attack can result from unhealthy fat accumulation over time. Lack of exercise makes it difficult to keep up metabolism, and the fat is not broken down. In fact, truckers on the go have flat metabolism levels, which is quite dangerous. This leads to dangerous blood pressure levels, and finally the crucial nerves in the brain or heart get damaged. The bad cholesterol can also clog the blood passages to these vital organs and make them suffer due to the lack of oxygen.

Adding an exercise routine should be a priority, but it is a challenge to invest the precious time in the workout. Careful planning is necessary to utilize some of the leisure time and long waiting hours during shipments. Below are few of the reasons why it is important to keep a fluid routine.

Beating Boredom

With the long drives having the potential to be very monotonous, it can lower your enthusiasm if you have to look at doing the same workout when you have time. Mixing up your routine will increases your chances of staying motivated and not dropping your exercise habit. One of the most important things when working out, is simply to maintain consistency with your effort.

Preventing Injuries Caused by Overuse

Putting your body through the same motions can lead to repetitive strain injuries. Mixing up your workouts can give the overused muscles and joints time to heal which will help you with staying in shape. You cannot let nagging injuries get in the way of your gains.

Better Pumps for your Heart

When you exercise, your goal as a trucker is to improve metabolism first. You may have a fascination towards the strong biceps and hulk-like chest, and it may have prompted you to resort to weight training. However, the central theme is to kick start the metabolism first and for this purpose, you have to make the heart work more. When you exercise, be sure that the heart works up to 70 to 80 percent of its maximum heart beat rate. This rigorous exercise helps in burning the fat quickly, and you can also do more repetitions in less time due to this technique.

Target Different Muscle Groups

When you do a workout, target a muscle group for optimum benefits. An exercise aimed at a single set of muscles is not ideal to do when you are in a crunched work schedule. Workouts like pushups and pull-ups are excellent since they provide exercise for various muscle groups and save precious time for you.

Switching up your exercise routine is crucial for improving the health. It is not an easy task to spend millions of kilometers and hundreds of hours behind the wheel. In helping maintain your health during this period, a good exercise routine is critical. The improved fitness can also make you a better driver due to the excellent stamina and concentration levels. Once you've managed to get yourself into a healthy exercise routine, don't forget your routine checkups after. If you need a doctor near you to make sure your exercise routine is on the right track you can pay a visit to

The writer, Edrick Hypolite, is currently studying medicine and often takes the time to write blogs on the side on health and fitness related topics for a wide variety of audiences. If you wish to learn more about Edrick you can visit on Google+.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Understanding the Egg Donation Procedure

Egg donation is a procedure involving a woman providing eggs either for assisted fertility for other women who suffer infertility problems or for medical research purposes. The first thing during egg donation is matching a donor and the recipient after which the necessary legal and preliminary medical criteria are handled to completion. The women involved then start a medical process that is necessary before egg harvesting stage is reached. Typically, the process of egg donation is made up of two phases as explained below.

1.       Ovarian hyperstimulation

This is the first step in the egg donation procedure. The donor receives hormonal drugs in specified intervals, which are necessary for causing the ovaries to generate several mature eggs in one menstrual cycle. During a woman’s menstrual cycle, there are several eggs, which start to mature but only one reaches fully maturity. While it is possible for a woman to donate this one mature egg, fertility specialists prefer to administer hormonal drugs to the donors in order to increase the chances of success.

Development of the egg is usually monitored through ultrasound scanning. This procedure allows a picture of the ovaries carrying the eggs to be seen on a television screen. The level of hormones in the blood can also be measured at the same time. When full maturity of the egg is confirmed, the donor and recipient are then taken to the second stage of egg donation procedure; egg retrieval.

2.       Egg retrieval

Also known as egg harvesting, this second phase involves removal of mature eggs from the donor to the recipient. This is usually carried out through a surgical procedure known as transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. If you are an egg donor, expect to spend about 60 hours in screening, testing as well as medical appointments during the entire course of the egg donation process. There are some women who choose to donate eggs when they are undergoing sterilization. In such cases, the most frequently used method for sterilization is laparoscopy, which makes any other operative procedure unnecessary when a woman is donating eggs.

Medications given

As stated earlier, hormonal drugs are usually administered to the donor. These hormonal drugs are of three types:

·         Drugs for suppressing the normal menstrual cycle administered using a nasal spray or injection which is given every day for a 28 day cycle.
·         Super ovulatory drugs. These are drugs for stimulating the growth as well as maturation of the eggs and are taken using daily tablets or injections. These injections have hormone which naturally stimulate the production of eggs in the ovaries.
·         A final hormone injection is given when the results of an ultrasound show that a sufficient number of eggs are about to attain full maturity. It is important to time this injection carefully (34-38 hours before egg harvesting).

While some of these drugs can be taken orally, majority of them should be given through injection. Your doctor can show you how to do it from the comfort of your own home. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Creating A Childbirth Plan

What is a childbirth plan?

A birth plan is a written record detailing your choices, needs and preferences for when you go into a labour. 

A written plan is an excellent idea for indicating to the medical team what you want to happen. You may have already discussed with your midwife and doctor about your preferences, so a plan can just refresh the memory of your doctor and can help them instruct the medical team. 

Some hospitals do provide birth plan sheets with their own policies and philosophies regarding child birth. 
It is important that you discuss your options with your midwife and express your preferences when it comes to labour. Remember, this is your pregnancy and you must feel comfortable and relaxed about it. A midwife can answer any questions you may have and relieve any anxieties.

What should I include in mine?

The most important section of the birth plan is the method of birth. It differs with each mother. Alternative methods of childbirth are slowly becoming common practice when it comes to labour. 

Hypnobirthing is one of the alternative methods; it helps the mother through the process by giving her a sense of control of her own body and pain. You can take classes that teach you breathing exercises to give you a sense of relaxation. 

Birthing pools are considered a form of natural birth. This method can help ease contractions by encouraging relaxation in a pool of water of 90-100 degrees. The baby is then born in the pool of water.

Another form of natural birth than some mothers opt for is drug free labour. In this case, the mother gives birth without any pain relief. Whatever you choose, it is advised to thoroughly research these methods and discuss them with your midwife. 

Include the location where you want the birth to take place, if you wish to have a water birth, indicate where it will be e.g. at home.  You may want to create a soothing atmosphere during labour, suggest what music you would like. Any equipment you need such as a birthing stool, bean bags or any machinery needs to be mentioned on your plan. If you have decided on having pain relief, this will let the doctors know what relief you would like. 

You may want to try different positions that will benefit the labour and give birth easily, discuss these options with your midwife and indicate which position you would like to be in.

Prepare for complications

Keep in mind, your plan might not go smoothly, be prepared to have a back-up plan in the event of complications. Also, the earlier you create your birth plan, the more time you have to change your mind. The plan is just to give an idea of your preferences; it is not set in stone. It is vital that you seek advice on any alternative methods, the doctors and midwives are there to provide support and will abide by your wishes. 
Giving birth is supposed to be a momentous occasion, so create a plan that will allow you to celebrate the moment. 

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a free-lance writer and experienced personal trainer. He enjoys spending time with his family and watching football.

Friday, 18 July 2014

ANC Classes in Bangalore: A Boob for To-Be Parents in the City

Antenatal or ANC classes Bangalore are now being the most sought out by many to- be parents for various reasons. The meaning of antenatal is care before birth. The aim of ANC is to take care of the mother as well as the unborn baby. During this stage mother and father have questions about the unborn baby, how to tackle the period of pregnancy and labor, what to do after becoming a parent etc, and ANC’s are here to resolve them.

These classes are designed to prepare both the parents for the newborn baby and enter the new world of childbirth. The purpose of these classes is to provide information on delivery aspects both natural and caesarian. ANC’s are also a way to clear your fear and learn new skills and meet other people who are going through the same phase as you. Attending an ANC helps bringing sustainable positivity change in the mother by giving them a peaceful mind so they can see a safe, respectful delivery and making them feel the center of the universe. Attending these classes will help you in both antenatal and prenatal care such as:
  • Taking care of yourself during pregnancy like good nutrition and what diet to follow
  • Both emotional and physical changes you might undergo (mother)
  • Care for your back ache
  • Exercises
  • Practicing breathing techniques to help during labor in pain
  • Options for a pain-free delivery
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Prenatal asana and yoga to help maintain stamina and flexibility
  • Home remedies to help in problems like back pain, nausea etc
  • Talk about antenatal screening tests
  • Help prepare you for labor and birth of your child
  • Learn how to bound by using music and books to bond with your baby
  • Maintain a good communication with your husband (many ladies tend to get temperamental)
  • Interactive discussions to prepare your mind and body for delivery and the life ahead
  • Learning how to massage your baby
  • How to change nappies and swaddle the little angle
  • Breastfeeding and benefits for you and your baby

The ANC classes Bangalore, also known as parent craft classes, deal with all aspects related to the birth and care of the baby afterwards including feeding the baby. You learn about the arrangements available for the delivery of your baby and the choices that are available. They help you in making a birth plan chart so you can arrange your diet, appointments, medications and check-ups. Knowing everything before gives the to-be parents’ confidence in dealing with pregnancy and care of baby on a daily basis, thus preventing the state of depression that some women might face and prepare you for welcoming the newborn into your life with confidence.  

Sunday, 22 June 2014

ABP Monitoring Device for Accurate and Reliable Results

At times, there arises a situation where the doctors require monitoring the blood pressure readings of their patients twenty four hours a day, in order to diagnose them with the correct ailment and hence provide better medication. This monitoring cannot be done with a normal blood pressure instrument and requires ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which is a noninvasive method of obtaining blood pressure readings of the patients twenty-four hours, whilst the patient is in their own environment, representing a true reflection of their blood pressure. Some of the valuable diagnostic information provided by these machines which an in-clinic or home blood pressure monitoring systems are incapable of delivering are:
  • BP variability and a more accurate estimation of true blood pressure.
  • Overnight changes in blood pressure.
  • Morning surges in blood pressure.
In general, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring systems are recognized as a valuable tool in the medical community for supporting the management of appropriate pharmacologist treatment as well as the assessment of white coat hypertension, resistant hypertension, and masked hypertension and hypertensive symptoms. This blood pressure monitoring device is used for any patient with persistently raised blood pressure readings and for those patients who have developed target organ damage despite control in blood pressure. This device is also used when high blood pressure is resistant to drug treatment, usually three or more drugs and when symptoms suggest the possibility of low blood pressure due to over treatment.

The ambulatory blood pressure monitoring devices are accompanied with an event recording monitor which is a programmable pre and post recorder that has a large single button operation for Symptomatic arrhythmia event recording and transmission of events. These recorders provide a superior ambulatory recording and help the doctor to determine the fluctuations in blood pressure at different hours of the day. Moreover, the information collected in this machine can also help you and your doctor to check whether your blood pressure treatment is working or not.
If you search the web for providers offering ambulatory blood pressure monitoring devices, you will easily find several options offering their own set of benefits and features. However, since not all options on the table promise the same level of efficacy, it becomes imperative for you to ascertain the proficiency of the chosen provider before going ahead with the purchase of such device. In order to ensure you are going with one of the best options in the domain, you can simply refer to the testimonials the chosen provider has received from its clients.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Undergoing IVF Surrogacy in Bangalore

There are many factors that are known to cause infertility in men and women. Some of these conditions can be treated and, therefore, allow a couple to have their own children. Unfortunately, there are some couples or individuals with whom infertility cause cannot be treated successfully and who have to resort to surrogacy. Surrogacy remains the only option of having a child for a woman who is rendered incapable of carrying a pregnancy. Surrogacy is yet to be embraced fully across the world as some nations refuse to accept it by judging its ethical or moral standing. Nevertheless, Bangalore and the larger India is one of the places in the world that people turn to for surrogacy services.

IVF Surrogacy

Ivf surrogacy in Bangalore has become a common thing even as tourists stream to the city to take advantage of the amazing opportunity. This is a tremendously important gift for people who desperately wish for a baby they can call their own. Now, what exactly goes on here? The procedure entails the insemination of a surrogate with the sperm of the male partner of female who cannot carry pregnancy. Perhaps, this is why the process raises a number of moral and ethical questions because the surrogate is the genetic mother of the baby born through this procedure. However, you may want to consider going for a center that does this in a different way; Ivf surrogacy that allows the specialists to create embryos from the sperm and eggs of the infertile couple which are then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate. This means that the child bears no genetic connection with the surrogate.

When is IVF surrogacy necessary?

For in vitro fertilization with a surrogate mother to occur, the woman concerned must have enough ovarian reserve, besides being rendered medically unfit to carry a pregnancy. The absence of a uterus, presence of any form of congenital deformity of the uterus, medical condition that makes pregnancy life threatening is some of the conditions that can be resolved with the help of IVF surrogacy in Bangalore.

Who finds the surrogate?

This is all dependent on the fertility center you choose to undergo Ivf surrogacy. Some fertility centers may help you in finding an appropriate surrogate. On the other hand, others leave the burden of finding a surrogate entirely to the patients. Your surrogate may be anyone you feel you can trust. It could be your close friends, family members or even a stranger that you have located through advertising or through surrogate agency. Since the surrogate is the one who carries the pregnancy to term, it is impossible for her to remain anonymous. The crucial thing is to take adequate time in choosing a surrogate in order to choose someone they are comfortable working with during this crucial 9 month period.